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Richard Hill Web Design, (Maine Web Networks), is an independent internet consulting firm with offices in Downeast Maine and Coastal North Carolina.

Its services include the full range of activities necessary to design, create, maintain, and host a high-quality internet presence.

It offers strategic and operational planning to integrate internet activity into overall organization plans.

Richard Hill Web Design combines all the skills necessary to perform the functions required for a successful internet presence.

  -   Planning
  -   Design
  -   Photography and scanning
  -   Writing
  -   Creation
  -   Regular Maintenance

Richard Hill Web Design brings the following qualifications to create an award winning website:

  -  A high level of technical expertise,
  -  A well developed sense of artistic design,
  -  Extensive experience in business and point-of-sale systems,
  -  A proven track record of helping companies solve complex problems using advanced computer solutions.

Will Rogers had this to say:You know, it usually doesn't cost a whole lot more to do the darn thing right!

Richard Hill Web Design serves clients throughout the United States, as well as in Mexico and Central America.